MDTF - Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter wpzones
MDTF - Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter wpzones

WordPress Meta Data Filter & Taxonomies Filter – MDTF – the plugin for searching and filtering WordPress content – posts and their custom types by taxonomies and meta data fields. The plugin has very high flexibility thanks to its rich filter elements and in-built meta data constructor!

The plugin can give you the next power:

  • Any types of posts filtering, woocommerce products filteringjigoshop products filtering – by meta fields AND multiple taxonomies on the same time!
  • Ready for Jigoshop! and EasyDigitalDownloads
  • Post Messenger – let your customers will know about new posts or products according to their selected search criterias
  • AJAX SEARCHING FOR WOOCOMMERCE and another custom post types
  • Search by post title and/or its content
  • STATISTIC – analyze the information about what your customers filtering on your site
  • Create new meta fields with built-in constructor: checkboxes, drop-downs, range-sliders, calendars, textinputs, multi drop-downs, labels
  • Make searchable your products by already existing meta fields and taxonomies
  • Make searchable your products by new meta fields and taxonomies


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